Efficiency meets sustainability

For small parts.

For big impact.

The RSX1 has been specially developed to increase efficiency and profitability in small parts storage. With our RSX1 system, the latest shuttle technology, you can tremendously increase the capacity and performance of your warehouses and reduce your costs at the same time.


With the RSX1, you can easily optimise the capacity and performance of your warehouse with minimum space requirements. 


Compared to conventional miniload, shuttle or height-limited cube systems, the RSX1 offers significantly higher space efficiency at a lower total cost of ownership. It increases the profitability of your warehouse.


Durable components and materials, local production sites and low energy consumption. The RSX1 is the perfect future-oriented system for your warehouse because it combines economic efficiency with environmental sustainability.

Think new dimensions.

the new dimension for automated warehouses.

Our innovative, particularly space-efficient shuttle system meets all performance requirements, from slow-running small parts storage to highly dynamic shuttle buffers. Maximum storage density, sustainable use of all resources and a high level of profitability are a matter of course.

With its newly developed and unique load handling device, the RSX1 takes the reliability of automated storage systems to the next level. Together with the innovative
quadruple-deep storage, the system opens up access to a new dimension of space economy. 

Intralogistics has never been thought further.

RS-Shuttle 1.0

The particularly narrow shuttle has a new and unique load handling device. This means that the load handling also works with difficult container structures and is ideal for handling standard containers, metal boxes, vegetable boxes as well as trays and heavy load units weighing up to 50 kg.


The new rack system can be flexibly desgined and adjusted to your needs and requirements. Different storage depths, a mixture of quadruple deep or triple deep storage, even within an aisle are available. Furthermore, with the RSX1, wasted space at height is also a thing of the past. Totes or trays at a minimum height of 100mm even exeed the height of the Rocket shuttle.


Developed with the aim of consistently increasing space efficiency, the RS lift is extremly compact and can be variably positioned in the rack. With different configurations and a variable number of handover locations within the rack, a wide range of performance requirements can be covered. The service-friendly design is supported by the RS-Easy Service maintenance lift for an easy exchange of a shuttle by a single technician.


​The intelligent control centre of your RSX1 provides user-friendly control and visualisation software and enables comprehensive life cycle management, remote monitoring and continuous system optimisation or predictive maintenance. The complete system is based on open standards and is compatible with common warehouse and controls technology.  

Flexible to use. Uncomplicatedly scalable.

For large warehouses.
The very small ones.
And everything in between.

The logistics industry is undergoing a major transformation, not least due to booming internet trade. New requirements and needs are creating major challenges that not every logistics concept can meet. New solutions are needed if only to meet the increasing requests that have to be fulfilled at ever shorter notice. With the RSX1, you are opting for an innovative automated storage system developed for future challenges that can be flexibly and easily scaled to new requirements - from the smallest to the largest warehouse.

The solution for large warehouses.

Warehouse, distribution centre or decentralised buffer storage, the RSX1-Enterprise makes automated warehousing efficient and can always adapt to new challanges. 

The solution for microhubs.

The RSX1-Micro gives the answer to today's and tomorrow's consumer behaviour. Ideal for urban warehouses or as a small automated system within retail shops.

Easy to integrate

The requirements for the integration of the RSX1 are as low as they can be. Both in terms of connection to existing IT infrastructures and the condition of the floor, the system does not make any great demands. These features allow a quick and uncomplicated installation in almost all existing and newly planned warehouses and logistics systems.

Appsolutely IoT

Save the daily manual inspection routine. In future, you can monitor the fully digitalised RSX1, which is connected to its own IoT cloud, simply via an app from your mobile device. Here you have access to the entire life cycle and all relevant system data. Control individual shuttles via your smartphone and save time and money by reacting at an early stage thanks to integrated early-warning and monitoring systems.

Reliably available

High-quality and robust materials ensure a smooth process during storage and retrieval as well as picking. Early maintenance and inspection notices also ensure that interruptions can be avoided or planned for in the best possible way. If maintenance does occur, it can be resolved promptly thanks to the use of readily available standard components.

Flexibly scalable

Increase in performance, increase in capacity or shuttle roaming? No matter how your business model develops in the future, the RSX1 is scalable thanks to its modular design and can quickly and easily adapt to new challenges.

Uncomplicatedly applicable

Standard totes and trays of different heights and conditions are no problem for the RSX1. From trays to metal crates to nested totes can be stored in the RSX1. Typical faults caused by shifting totes, so-called "dancing totes", are completely avoided by the innovative storage system.

Instantly configurable

Use the Rocket Solution warehouse configurator and start to configure your optimised warehouse according to RSX1 standards!


the future today.

ROCKETSOLUTION develops needs-based solutions in order to optimise the intralogistics sector as well as to make today's and future challenges more economically and ecologically sustainable.

We are convinced that intralogistics, as a rapidly growing market segment worldwide, has a lot of potential to contribute to the sustainable protection of our environment, while at the same time increasing profitability.

Therefore, we also want our developments and technologies to be available to every warehouse operator. Our products can be planned and ordered by any planner or integrator and can be integrated into existing or new intralogistics systems. 

Made on Earth

"Even though we develop and manufacture 100% of our products in Germany, it is the people who drive our ideas, develop new things and create innovations with a lot of passion.


These experts, engineers, visionaries and supporters come to us from all over the world. Our products are therefore absolutely MADE ON EARTH.


Optimising intralogistics

Are you a planner, integrator or operator of a warehouse and looking for innovative, economically and ecologically sustainable logistics solutions and optimisation options? 


Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on our products and individual solutions.

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