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RS-Service Concept

The comprehensive ROCKETSOLUTION Service Concept ensures high availability and process reliability of the RSX1 technology and contributes to the value retention of the customer’s investment. After certification, partner integrators and distributors become ROCKETSOLUTION Maintenance Partners and can independently carry out maintenance and services on customer systems. The RS Service Concept fits seamlessly into the overall service concept of the integrator and distributor. Regular trainings and a broad portfolio of service products support certified Maintenance Partners in providing excellent support to their customers.

RS-Service Products

RS-Spare Parts Service
The RS-Spare Parts Service offers fast access to spare parts. Both standard components included in the RSX1 technology and customised system components are delivered to the customer's site by express delivery if required.

•  Short replenishment and downtimes
•  Low capital commitment and storage costs
•  Resource-saving spare parts management

RS-Cloud Service
The RS-Cloud Service ensures permanent access to relevant system data as well as the entire life cycle of the RSX1 shuttle system. All available data of the RSX1, which is connected to its own IoT Cloud, is transferred to the RS Cloud via MQTT broker.

•  Data-based and needs-oriented maintenance
•  Prevention of downtimes by early warning and control system
•  Performance-oriented and constantly optimised system use

RS-Update Service
The RS-Update Service provides current updates and thus all optimisations of the standardised RS software as well as the preset and configured parameters. The RS software is constantly being further developed throughout the entire life cycle  of the RSX1 shuttle system on the basis of internal tests bundled with latest findings from practice. Also included in the RS-Update Service are available and recommended firmware updates from the manufacturers.


•  Permanent software support
•  Continuous software updates (control & user interface)
•  Optimised system efficiency and performance

RS-Rental Service
The RS Rental Service provides quick access to pre-configured RS shuttles ready for immediate use. These can additionally be implemented in existing RSX1 shuttle systems in order to adapt the system performance to changing customer needs, e.g. for short-term order fluctuations and seasonal peaks. The RS-Rental service can also be used for any maintenance that may be required.


•  Costs adjusted to demand
•  Flexible use of additional RS shuttles
•  Fast reaction to changing business needs

RS-OEM Support
RS-OEM Support offers fast, competent and comprehensive support at any time in the event of system failure, 365 days a year. Service requests are received and processed by a service employee. For fast and professional support, internal specialists from different departments are always available.

•  Immediate and professional support in the event of system failure
•  Prevention of downtimes
•  Comprehensive knowledge management

RS-Remote Service
In the event of a malfunction or system failure, the RS-Remote Service can provide support with direct access to the system. For this purpose, a TÜV-tested remote access to the system control and its components, which meets the highest safety requirements, is set up. For remote-desk programs or PLC programming tools, only application-relevant ports are activated for the duration of application use. This dynamic port management is a significant advantage over classic VPN solutions.

•  TÜV certified remote access
•  Immediate access to the system control during operating hours
•  Calculable costs

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you about the ROCKET service concept and individual cooperation opportunities.

Would you like a quick RS storage system configuration?

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Learn more about the benefits of becoming a #ROCKETpartner

Discover our holistic RS-Service Concept and lifecycle management

Would you like a quick RS storage system configuration?

Write us an e-mail to:

Find out more about the advantages of becoming a #ROCKETpartner

Discover our comprehensive RS service concept and lifecycle management

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