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RS-Partner Model

The innovative RSX1 shuttle technology from ROCKETSOLUTION is sold through a constantly growing international network of qualified system integrators and distributors. Support is provided over the complete product life cycle by certified maintenance partners. By harnessing mutual synergies and maintaining a business relationship on an equal footing, you, as our partner, and we at ROCKETSOLUTION, as your technology supplier, can write success stories together.

RS partner roles at a glance

The integrator develops individually planned complete intralogistics systems in which the RSX1 shuttle system Enterprise variant forms the central storage component. ROCKETSOLUTION provides a comprehensive training offering explaining the technology and the layout design to the integrator.

Maintenance partner
The ROCKETSOLUTION certified maintenance partner independently performs preventive maintenance and services on RSX1 shuttle systems. Regular training and an extensive offering of service products support the maintenance partner during service deployments at the end customer sites.

The distributor sells the standardised RSX1-Micro micro-fulfilment solution from ROCKETSOLUTION as a turnkey, fully functional complete system. If necessary, this may be supplemented by warehouse management software. The distributor can also select from a number of different configuration options and thus optimally match the RSX1-Micro to customer requirements.

Benefits of being #ROCKETpartner

New business opportunities
For ROCKETSOLUTION partners, the technology company acts as an extended sales arm. Customer inquiries and leads are passed on directly to the partner network. Through their cooperation with ROCKETSOLUTION, integrators and distributors of the RSX1 technology have easy access to new business opportunities.

Innovative shuttle technology
ROCKETSOLUTION partners have access to the innovative RSX1 shuttle technology. This technology enhances system performance and can transform a small, low-performance system into a high-performance facility through its modularity and scalability. The RSX1 system thus has a huge bandwidth of possible applications and offers end customers maximum flexibility for growing their business.     

RS service concept
Maintenance partners profit from a comprehensive service concept. Certifications and regular training give them the skills to independently perform these preventive maintenance and service tasks on customer facilities. Maintenance partners can also access a wide range of service products to provide optimal, comprehensive customer service.   

Micro-fulfilment solution
Micro-fulfilment solutions are the intralogistics answer to changing customer requirements and are becoming increasingly important in light of trends such as urban warehousing and shortened last-mile logistics. The micro-fulfilment variant of the RSX1 technology offers ROCKETSOLUTION partners a way to tap into these markets with a standardised turnkey complete system.

Joint success stories
The customer focus and know-how of the partner in conjunction with the innovative technology from ROCKETSOLUTION provides fertile ground for successful collaborative projects. Standardised interfaces and processes simplify the cooperation from the distribution to the realisation phase and pave the way for sustainable economic growth.

Partner locations in 2024

A year after the official market launch, ROCKETSOLUTION was already represented in 10 European countries through 9 international partners.

Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

ROCKETSOLUTION is expanding globally

Become a #ROCKETpartner and help us optimise intralogistics around the world! We would be happy to discuss our partner concept and individual cooperation options with you.

Would you like a quick RS storage system configuration?

Write us an e-mail to:

Explore the efficient

shuttle system RSX1

Discover our holistic RS-Service Concept and lifecycle management

Would you like a quick RS storage system configuration?

Write us an e-mail to:

Explore the efficient 

shuttle system RSX1

Discover our comprehensive RS service concept and lifecycle management

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