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Surprisingly simple

Storage system
configuration tool

Use the ROCKETSOLUTION storage system configuration tool to estimate the total number of storage locations and the number of aisles, which you receive with the optimisation of your storage system with the RSX1 system. 


You should have the following data on hand: 
Dimensions of the dedicated storage space (storage cube) and container dimensions.

Optimisation focus

Select either maximum number of aisles per floor area (optimised performance) or maximum capacity per aisle (optimised capacity).

Please choose an option*




Racking area

Enter the complete dimensions of the installation space for the racking. Standard preventive maintenance and sprinkler levels are already included in the result.

Container dimensions

Other dimensions can be calculated within the scope of detailed planning.  
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Height of totes*

Width x length*

Your RSX1 warehouse

Total number of storage places

Total number of warehouse aisles



Detailed planning and targeted optimisation can create additional storage capacity in your planned or existing warehouse.

Contact us, we will be happy to optimise your individual solution or advise you on our products.

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